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Visa Application For US, UK, And Australia Now Considers Your Social Media Activities Too

If you’re applying for a tourist, student or work visa for US, UK or Australia, your social media feed might affect your chances.

Now the social media trail you leave behind can determine your visa chances to countries like the US, UK and Australia. According to visa agencies, an individual’s social media updates helps them spot any issues regarding the information the applicant has submitted to the agency. It also helps to identify any extremist behavior, hate towards specific people/groups, or anti-national attitude.

Although, only a limited number of travellers to these countries will be checked with such detailing, but the governments of these countries don’t need a warrant to search through your social media feeds.

While you’re entering the country’s border, the authorities can ask you to unlock your phone to go through your details as well. The information stored on cloud are off-limits, but the information present on your phone can be accessed any time.

In terms of national security or investigating a serious case, your devices can also be confiscated by the immigration officials.

In short, your application for the visa might get rejected due to your social media activity. The New Zealand officials also admitted that they have created fake profiles to investigate the applicants in their country. The US government also asks you to submit your social media handles for the same purpose.

Basically, when it comes to visa or passport applications, your might have to compromise on your freedom of speech and privacy.

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