Must Try Desert Experiences When In Dubai

The United Emirates Of Dubai has become one of the sought worthy international destination people are travelling to from all over the world, with it’s the technical progression and life upgradation that spurted out in these land has brought a major turn in the tourist business of the economy. Dubai is quintessentially a city of sky-hugh rises, nevertheless, desert experience in Dubai is simply fantastic. With their advanement, there are way too many things for any traveller to engage with. You have choices according to your preferences and for the Sand or desert lovers the options extend to even wider ranger.

You just can’t miss out on the Desert experience Dubai has to offer, following are what you can choose from or well, if we are being real you might end up taking up all of it.

1. Camel Safari:-

When in land of sand you, one would be lost in their head to miss out on riding the ship of the desert. Camel safaris are undoubtedly very popular in the region. For those concerned about the treatment of these animals, don not worry, they are well fed and not mistreated under any circumstances. The camel safari lasts for about 45 min on the magnificent animals back. It is usually a package along with the entire desert safari experience which one can either take along with their loved ones during their honeymoon period in Dubai.

2. Evening 4*4 Desert Safari:-

What is a trip to Dubai without experiencing the desert safari? The 4×4 Dubai desert safari is a thrilling ride you would take in an SUV through the daring sand dunes of Dubai. Although the drive is the main highlight of the safari, there is so much more to it than just that. You would be making a stop in between the desert to capture some breathtaking views of the sand dunes and the orangish-blue sky. The same can be also experienced in the early hours of the day

3. Hummer Desert Safari:-

The hummer desert safari in Dubai is the perfect go to if you are looking for a thrilling as well as safe experience. Hit the dunes in a comfortable and safe Hummer, considered one of the best SUV’s in the world, driven by a skilled driver. It is one of the most amazing sport to experiences in Dubai.

4. Falcon Experience In Dubai:-

Indulge in an extreme and majesty of the UAE’s falconry experience, know more about the ancient tradition old falconry in this desert land. Learn about the history of an age-old practice that employs trained birds to hunt their prey. Grab the opportunity of admiring these birds’ natural agility and strength. Feel your heart racing as you mount these stunning falcons on your hand to have a go at swinging a lure. If you are worried about the transfers they don’t as you will be driven by legendary vehicles and also get a chance to spot some wildlife.

5. Camping With Barbeque & Belly Dancing:-

There is no better way of exploring Dubai than indulging in a traditional Desert Safari. Enjoy a spectacular camping experience at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve once you pitch the luxury tents gear up for a mouth-watering barbeque dinner. Relish the lip-smacking charcoal cooked Middle- Eastern cuisine while enjoying a delightful belly dance performed by the trained artists and dancers.

6. Nights In Deserts:-

Dubai provides you with the best night beauty in all possible forms, once the sun drops get ready for a delightful night safari in Dubai under the supervision of a trained guide who will ensure you are safe as well you the relish your night exploration of the desert and the nocturnal species that you are most likely to see during this trip. In some of the places to visit in Dubai for honeymoon also includes private night safari and stargazing.

Enjoy spectacular telescope views of the mesmerizing night sky decked with billions of stars in a stargazing experience like never before. The duration is likely to vary with different tour operators. However, the average time of the activity is approximately 5 hours and begins in the evening. The experience can be availed on request via various Dubai desert tour operators.Indeed Dubai Desert Safari is a path through which you can witness the Arabian Desert culture and their one of a kind method for living. For the nature lovers, this is one activity in Dubai which you cannot afford to miss.The extraordinary safari jeeps will take you to the sandy slopes and appealing sandy hills. The entire journey brings out a vibe that empowers you to have the best of adventure.

7. Luxury Dinner In Desert:-

This luxury dinner date nights in Dubai provides its guest with a true experience of ‘Living life king size’. The guests will be transferred to the specific location via legendary Mercedes/ Land Rover – the vehicle that onsets your luxurious experience. The entire activity will be supervised by a trained guide who will ensure that you have the best of your private moments along with enjoying the real flavours of desert life. Explore the exotic wildlife as you will make your way through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Finally, reach your scheduled private set-up adorned inside the exclusive land of the Royal desert.

Duration: Afternoon until early evening.

8. Dune Bashing:-

A private roller coaster in a 4×4 land cruiser hitting the sand dunes, driven by a skilled driver is what dune bashing is all about. The best time to take the ride would be during sunset when you can witness the sun go down and shades of the sky turn from orange to blue. It is one of the most amazing desert experiences in Dubai that cannot be missed. There are various packages that you could opt for along with Dune bashing in Dubai, depending on the company you chose to book with.

Operational hours: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM and 07:00 PM to 12:00 AM

9. Fat Biking:-

Fat bikes are considered to be the new innovative avatar of all-terrain mountain bikes. The fat bikes are specifically designed for sand dunes. Fat biking in Dubai is indeed a thrilling experience that enables you to traverse the calm rolling dunes while exploring the desert flora and fauna accompanying you throughout this adventure. You will be biking for 5 hours. Feel the thrill as you try this satiating activity. You will be transferred to legendary vehicles and also get a chance to spot some wildlife. The minimum height required for the fat biking is 130 cm. The activity demands a high level of fitness. In case, of back injuries or any other ailment prior notice to the tour operator must be provided. Approximate seat for an individual is 2 hours for half a day activity.

10. Quad Biking:-

This activity definitely needs to be on the list of must do’s for those who love riding or driving. Quad Biking in Dubai requires you to follow certain guidelines of rough terrain driving that the instructors will give you. The difficulty level of this activity is moderate. You will also be provided with security adapt and will be able to take control of your programmed quad biking while riding through the daring sand dunes of the desert. Riding on these quad bikes will have your adrenaline rushing high and will bring out the adventurous side of you once you get hold of it.

11. Dune Buggy:-

A one of a kind off-road experience to explore the sands on your own is by hiring a dune buggy! The dune buggies are fully equipped with safety convoys that include roll cages, seat belts, bucket seats, night lights, fire extinguisher and constant mechanical support throughout your drive. There are both, single seater as well as double seater buggies available to choose from, depending on your pax and preferences to drive alone of together. Although the activity is available to try throughout the year, certain rough weather conditions may force the authorities to take down the activity for safety reasons. It is definitely worth an experience!

12. Sand Boarding:-

This recreational activity is the same as snowboarding, except that you slide your way through the sand. With a little practice, you can learn to gain control of the board and figure out new ways to glide your way through the sands. There will be instructors there to guide you through this whole activity. Once familiar with sand boarding, you could compete with your fellowmen by gliding your way down the dunes. This activity is definitely worth a try during your desert safari!

13. Al Maha Desert Resort:-

Nestled amidst the beautiful palm oasis, the Al Maha Resort is located in the beautiful and magical dunes of Dubai. It highlights the heritage and architecture of Bedouins, offering the enthralling desert adventure.

For the animal lovers, this resort is a double treat for you as it is surrounded by the Dubai Desert Reserve. The best part of your stay is that you get to enjoy complimentary desert activities as part of your stay.

Amenities: With world-class restaurants, bar and lounges like Hajar Terrace Bar, Al Diwaan you can experience the fine dining in the desert and in the comfort of your own secluded space. The resort also has a big boardroom, which can accommodate around 120 guests, temperature controlled infinity pools.

Highlights: The Arabian Oryx & the Gazelles are the main attractions of the place. You can also behold the beautiful Arabian wildlife from the temperature of the infinity pools that are temperature-controlled.

Timings: Check-in from 2:00 PM and Check-out at 12:00 noon.

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