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Philippines Has One Of The Must Visit Instagramable Theme Park For You

While we have all heard numerous fairy tales growing up with fictional characters, one would have never expected of Fictional animals doing the rounds with such love from the masses that monuments start building under it’s name. Unicorns yes, which has also gained the title of National Animal for the country of Scotland. While it may seem odd, the choice has historic context to it.

The animal is shaped like horse in it’s built and has a corn shaped horn on it’s forehead which holds it’s super-power. The mythical animal has gained more attention with the youngsters today, and is resonated with pastel shades of colour purple and pink and said to vomit rainbows out it’s mouth.

While all of this makes comes from the imagination, the people of Philippines have made that imagination into Physical shape by introducing a Unicorn Island that is built on water. The floating theme park is located 80 miles off west of Manila and is Asia’s largest floating islands. The Inflatable island floats on top of 4,100 square feet of water and consist of slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, swings and a trampoline. Let’s not forget the inflatable outdoor cinema screen which plays movies, for those curling up on the beach with some snacks and entertainment. There’re also floating flamingo and unicorn cabanas, that can hold up to six people.

You can also just laze around in the Bali inspired lounge section and sip on mimosas for hours. This theme park is so huge that it is equivalent to 8 basketball courts put together, hence there is enough space to include a kids section for all the kids to splash around.

At the center of the inflatable playground is a giant unicorn. The complex also contains a dinosaur and a “sea unicorn.” Pink umbrellas and beanbag chairs line the shore.

Stopping by this summer wonderland won’t break the bank: A day pass is about $16. But travelers should check their vaccinations before visiting the Philippines — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the country is dealing with a measles outbreak.

The theme park has come to also be known as the Instagramble Place everyone should visit. So if you love fun slides and are too precious about your Instagram feed, this place needs to get on your feed.

To Visit their website, Click here.

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