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Marathon Du Medoc- The Longest, Booziest & Craziest Fun-filled Marathon In The World Has Opened It’s Registration

Ever heard of a Marathon race which is flooded with Vine and Food delicious enough for a grand dinner party? Well, there is one which has been taking place and has become a tradition for it’s citizens in the state of France.

Every Year during the month of September, France hosts The Marathon Du Medoc, which goes as long as 26.2 miles. The UPS of this race holds in the refreshments stalls that are present in between this stretch of over 26 miles, which include 23 variety of Vine stalls along with numerous food stalls which serve delicious platters of Oysters, Steak and Ice cream and more.

The tradition has been going on since over three decades from the year of 1984. The uniqueness stuck with the citizens and their following generations as it’s going strong even after 34 years. The popularity of this marathon entails for people from various parts of the world trying to register themselves for this fun run. Thus, the bookings start almost five months prior to actual date of marathon.

The uniqueness of this marathon doesn’t stop at the non-stop supply of alcohol and food, the marathon is to be participated in the year’s themed fancy dress. Yes, every year the organizers announce a theme for the outfit for the day and one must be dressed for the party. This year’s theme is suppose to be “Amusement Park”.

The marathon is held in France’s Medoc region which falls in the south of the state which is primarily super heated up during the month of September. Over 10,000 people participate in this marathon every year and there are more spectators to fill the site despite of all the hot weather. The environment is filled glamour, upbeat music, fireworks, and dancers bringing in motivation for runners and entertainment for spectators.


Many of those running the marathon don’t even reach the start line in fit state. On the eve of the event, numerous pasta parties are held for those taking part, which means plenty of essential carbs- but also the chance for a nerve-sattling vat of wine. It’s all unimaginable combination packed together. And you might think only fools will want to participate in such a disaster of a receipe, but the galore is too tempting to not want to participate.

If you and your friends are one’s always in mood of crazy, then this is something you should definitely sign yourselves up for!

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