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Eight Must Visit Places In Mumbai For Your Kids

It’s Vacation time for all the kids of the country and if you are planning on taking your kids to the mega metropolitan city of Mumbai, we have for you some of the must visit spaces for kids to have the joyous feel of the city. While there have been note worthy establishments since decades in the city, in recent years the list has only elongated. So keep reading to find out what places you must take your kid when in this buzzing city.

Nehru Centre:-

Nehru Centre is a unique memorial complex dedicated to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Established in 1972, it pays tribute to this luminary leader in a distinct way by incorporating fresh ideas, promoting new talent and preserving the heritage of the nation. The building of this modern centre is as contemporary and exclusive as its concept. Having several storeys divided into various sections related to India, this edifice stands tall as a prominent landmark spot in the city.

The star attraction of this science museum is Nehru Planetarium which is a centre for astronomical studies and meetings of renowned science personalities. Telescopes outside this planetarium enable visitors to explore secrets and special phenomena of distant sky. Several programmes and competitions are organised here for students.


Pioneering in Sports Simulation Technology, the sports activity area of this establishment is one of the main highlights and has a wide range of options to choose from. Some of them are Smaaash Cricket to Smaaash Stadium, Twilight Bowling, X2 Motor Racing, Goalie Guacamole and Hoopla Zone (that has a unique 9D theatre). An exciting amalgamation of the virtual and real, every sport you play here gives you an enthralling experience. You can play against your favourite players and get the feel of actual stadiums in the PLAY zone of Smaaash.

Snow World:-

Would you like to experience snowfall in Mumbai? Well, given the geographical location of the city, it seems impossible. However, with Snow World that offers unique opportunities to indulge in snow sports and adventure activities in the city, it is possible! Come to Snow World, located in Kurla, and experience a hill-station like ambience where temperature drops to below 10 degrees and real snow drizzles around you.

Here, you can participate in a number of sports and adventurous activities including snow sledding, ice sliding, ice-skating, snow falling, skiing/snowboarding, snow war game and snow dance. The food and beverage section serves an array of hot beverages like tea, coffee, soup and milk. As souvenirs of this unreal experience, you can buy items like ice skating shoes, snowboards and parka jackets from the counters present.

Essel World:-

Take a roller-coaster ride with your children at the one and only, Essel World. Essel World is the most famous theme park, not just in Mumbai, but also in India. With a plethora of thrilling rides, this entertainment destination appeals to kids of all ages. It is one of the best kid places in Mumbai, and your children can get lost in the Hedge Maze, get crazy in the “Aqua Dive Ride” or go bonkers with the Crazy Cups. Besides the fun-filled rides, Essel World also has a plethora of attractions to keep children delighted throughout the day. The ice-skating rink, cricket grounds, a massive killer ship converted into a science museum and bowling alleys are major crowd pullers. Essel World will also take care of your tyke’s hunger pangs with its array of eateries.

Adlabs Imagica:-

Located two hours away from Mumbai, Adlabs Imagica is the latest additional to the endless list of theme parks and places for kids in Mumbai. This fantastic realm has redefined entertainment not just in India, but in the entire subcontinent. From magic carousel for the tiny tots to crazy teacup rides for the whole family, Adlabs Imagica has it all. If your child can brave the adventurous, high-speed rides or the massive roller-coasters, then he can try out the Gold Rush, Nitro or the Scream Machine. You will also find many cyclists, clowns, magicians and stilt walkers walking around the park, giving it a street-carnival kind of feel.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park:-

Go wildlife spotting with your children in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The forest reserve in North Mumbai is the place to visit in Mumbai for kids. It has the perfect temperature that you would want from a city getaway. The National Park authorities believe that the park is too sprawling to be explored on foot. So you have to hire a car for your exploration. And we think it’s safe too, considering you are traveling with children. We’d suggest you to visit this place in monsoon when the forest divulges its secret waterfalls. It’s mesmerizing.

Taraporewala Aquarium:-

If your child is enthralled by the marine life, then you can take him to Taraporewala Aquarium, the oldest aquarium in the country. It houses a variety of marine and freshwater fishes, which will capture the attention of the little ones. The Fish Spa will appeal to your kid, where he can dip his feet deep in the water. Touch Pool is another popular attraction, where children can dip their hands into the water and touch the inhabitants, under supervision, of course. If you want to avoid the long queue stretching up to the road, then visit the museum on weekdays, in the afternoon.

Elephanta Caves:-

Elephanta Caves, located on the Elephanta Island are one of the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Mumbai. The cave house magnificent cave temples built between 5th to 8th centuries, which make it one of the most popular tourist places in Mumbai for kids. It has five Hindu Caves, with carved statues of Hindu deities and two Buddhist caves. But the most compelling attraction of the caves is the 20 feet tall “Trimurti” sculptor. The three heads of Lord Shiva represent protection, creation, and destruction.

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