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The Culture That Surrounds The Region Of Kasol

Kasol is a small village in Himachal Pradesh, near to Kullu. However, it comes down the road from Bhuntur to Manikaran. The town is having an excellent view from all sides, with perfect scenic beauty. Visitors get to the unexplored and unnoticed village for many reasons. The foremost of the reasons is the scenic beauty of flora and fauna. The second reason is the perfect beauty of the place with Parvati river flowing sideways. The third reason is the beautiful foods in the location. These are the top reasons, although people get around the city for business reasons too. The town is also named to be the mini Israel.

The pathway to Kasol is as trippy as the region itself, the nerve racking feeling that emerges as you go by sharp turns that keep emerging in quick succession, that you won’t be done overcoming the last turn while you will take the next one. On one side of your vehicle are massive mean looking rocks that threaten to slide on to the road causing havoc, while on the other side is the Beas river with an unrelenting current flowing.

A remote village on the elevation a hill near Kasol is surrounded by snow-capped mountains high above and the waterfall below makes the scenic view to be but also tedious for a journey. The famous Pink Floyd Cafe is located in this region, the cafe is forever lit in neon Pink purple lights with dim giving the exhilaration to the already hash filled vibe surrounding the space. The cafe is filled with posters of Bob Marley all around adopting him as the God of the region. Giving into the Israeli culture that is prominent in the area the food served is also Schnitzel (the staple diet of Israeli people) and the final touch is completed by the trance archetypal music that is mildly flowing through the space.

The people you will meet there will all most probably be drawn in the bliss of some kind of drug trance, not knowing about anything rational, time, date, day or even general things about themselves. There is all too different kind of silence slash peace to this place. Drugs are the primary service of this place. The drug cost goes up to 40 lac per kg depending upon the kind and quality of Charas you looking for.

Kasol’s major population is Israel centric, one of the major reason for the continuous follow of Israelis in Kasol is the three years of compulsory military service they undergo and thus, Kasol is their recreational center. The readily available drugs, low cost of living, peaceful environment and the prospect of rave parties along with the scenic nature view are what attract most foreigners to this hill station.

Kasol is fast turning into a Jewish settlement where Shalom (greeting) and namaste are used interchangeably. Hebrew signboards are a common sight in this area. According to an estimate, about 70 per cent of the foreigners visiting the state come from Israel.

Kasol also has a Chabad (prayer place) for the Israeli community at the end of the market. It is open and accessible to people of all communities and looked after by a soft-spoken priest. They have built their own nest here and are at ease with the surrounding.

The stillness of Kasol is frequently broken by the dash of bikes headed to the Sikh pilgrimage sight Manikaran, five kilometres away. The young pilgrims can be easily identified by the blue flag with a khanda (Sikh sign) that juts out of the front of the bike. Their youthful rigour comes across in their demeanor and constant blow of horn.

People do not come to Kasol for a weekend or a week but for weeks or months on extend with an undefinable itinerary.

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