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The World’s Second Most Narrow & Dangerous Path Resides In India


Road trips in the Northern part of India have been grabbing the attention of quite a lot of travel junkies and adventurous souls. While some promise you a breathtaking experience with the nature alongside others will test the level of adventurous soul in you. In a Country which holds the highest peak of the world, India sure has many vivaciously dangerous ghats as the distance between the sea level and land keeps increasing. The narrow strips that surround the high altitudes that are called roads and form routes for crossing across states and districts are as intimidating as they could get. On such is the Tyari Road which is the path that falls between Ishtiyari and Shyari villages also known as Cliffhanger is the World’s dangerous road.

The narrowness of the road only allows two to four-wheelers to ride through it and there is no option of opting for buses or trucks. Even the best of drivers and riders have to think and be very conscious about riding through the path. The adrenaline rush is unmatchable to any feeling. The steep curves on the way to this particular stretch even make the bikes to fall back sometimes or stall out of nowhere. The route basically falls in the two state border’s Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir which leads to the numerous check points you will encounter stalled by the BCP (Border Control Poice).

Here is a video through the ride shared by of one of the daring souls, to give you a taste of the experience


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