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Guide On What To Carry On Your High Altitude Trek

Trekking is an activity that exhilarates you, challenges you and the adventurous souls love it. It is a part of traveling where you get to get one with nature as and when you keep going high up in the altitude. Though speaking of high altitude, trekking in high altitude requires more of everything you will be investing when normal trekking.

The regular trekkers may know what all to carry and what not to general trekking experience. But with the increase in the altitude of your trek there needs to be an increase in your necessities not quantity wise but material wise as the distance between you and the base increases where all the general humanity needs exist the survival kit needs to be packed to survive when you have zero resources. That being said you can’t overload yourself as that will increase the weight on your shoulders and may backfire your plan on an essential need that is Energy.

Thus, here is a complete on what to carry when planning on a high altitude trek.


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